DIY ST-link V2

Hello.  I always dreamed to have a st-link debugger, because using stm32discovery for programing other  STM32 is not very comfortable (it is taking too many space on desk and too many ugly wires ). I want to show such you a useful and cheap thing for stm32  as DIY ST-link V2  if you will make it as bonus you also will be able to program STM8 microcontrollers. Thanks to russian resourse now we have a nice detailed guide how to make your own DIY ST-link V2.

st-link case1


First of all schematic of device.



According to it  i created my own PCB  in Eagle cad.

st_link pcb

Via’s and board I’ve made by my described before technology:

After what i soldered all parts.   Board became look like that.

st_link board

Now it is time to upload firmware  into our device. We will need  a usb-uart adapter,  jumper, firmware   and “Flash Loader Demonstrator” that you can download from site.

Connecting  adapter’s and board pins “TX” “RX” “GND”  as in schematics and “Boot 0” jumper according image from original article.

Then you need to upload firware with “Flash Loader Demonstrator” .

After what we need to install drivers for st-link .

And in te end of procedure you must run ST-Link upgrate and upgrate the firware of debugger.


Thats it now you’ve got an DIY ST-link debugger.

And we can program and debug other ST chips.

st- link Debugging

Then i made a case for it.  And glued paper labels.

st-link case1st-link case2

Progect files in Eagle Cad









2 Comments to DIY ST-link V2

  1. Tom says:


    First of all thank you very much for that DIY.

    I’ve used a breakout board with a STM32F103, flashed the firmware from your blog (the bin-file) with an existing ST-Link and after reboot the Stm32-Utility detects the STM as a st-link. ok!

    BUT when trying to update to the newest firmware V2.J19.S4 I get an error:

    “update error, please ty again”

    Any idea ?


    • dexter says:

      Well did you check schematics is it the same as in your board? Especially USB part. Quartz frequency is the same? What is the full name of your MCU.

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