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LED blinking using PWM Mini64SER6

Hello, today we continue to explore STM32 microcontroller board via Mini64SE R6. In the last article, we’ll run the demo project that generated to us Eclipse.
Let me remind in this project has been programmed flashing LED frequency of once per second. Today we will control the LED brightness via pulse width modulation.


Pimp my soviet flashlight

Hello. There is winter outside and  it is time regular outage electricity in the house. And i need a flashlight that will shine while electricity is off, it must have a stable hull, and it’s led must have wide angle of light. This idea left in my mind but later were forgotten. But one day i found next link http://we.easyelectronics.ru/Signaller/fonarik.html. Hull of flashlight totally satisfied my wishes. The article was posted that it is Soviet military flashlight, served to determine friendly fighters in the night attack. It was the second big plus, because everything that was made in the Soviet Union can serve couple hundred years , and that was made for the military can serve couple hundred years with a couple of nuclear wars. The next day I spent searching a similar a flashlight at a national auction Aukro found the best option according to the degree of preservation and price. Order and got.