Awl handle from HDPE

Hello everyone today we are doing handle for awl from HDPE plastic.
2015-07-31 13.00.04

Usually when you do diy pcb with a paper photomask and photoresist shorted traces or spots not etched copper happends. This happens when soaked in oil paper photomask get air bubbles under itself.

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To correct these errors I have awl . I have this piece was broken drill sharpened on the end inserted into a small aluminum tube, worked fine but was too small diameter was uncomfortable to hold. So I decided to change the handle.

Ever came across a number of videos with custom maden details from HDPE plastic .

Here is another variant of handle this article inspired me to experiment.

And the colorful Russian guys Klyuker and Hribabas that make knives out of things found in the street. From them I borrowed technology melting plastic at outside.

I advise you to see them channel  they always give good advice , and always send a positive charge ))

So what is HDPE?

High-density polyethylene (HDPE) or polyethylene high-density (PEHD)

That is, high density polyethylene having a melting point of 130 ° C.

Usually it made ​​the following things:

Fuses PET bottles

Cans for motor oil



This can be used as material for melting, but be sure to watch to sign at the bottom of the bottle.



Products must be labeled HDPE or PEHD and triangle with the number “2” or ” 02″ in the middle.

I grind his plastic scissors into squares 5x5mm

2015-07-04 14.35.43 2015-07-07 20.36.26zKkIPByh2ML-N0eGQ2H6nLWUoCVo57EmVakgLsb5-Lg


Made form of case of the old electrolytic capacitor. You should make reliable handle my bolted with a wire quickly broaken.

Put the form on the fire and pour a little shredded plastic. It should be noted that the plastic melts only the wall shape so it should stir that and press a melted plastic  to the bottom to make bubbles comes out with a rod smaller diameter. The rod must also be heated separately to prevent plastic sticked to it.

At the end I closed form wooden piston and twisted tightly with a clamp.

After cooling I took out from the mold plastic parts.

2015-07-31 11.25.52

The plastic is very easily cuted knife and a file , someone tells that it perfectly milled on CNC.

After processing with hand tool i glued a sharpened piece of the drill.

2015-07-31 14.23.00 2015-07-31 14.23.10 2015-07-31 14.23.38

Finally my result described video

Handle came a little less than I wanted , because had to cut 1cm piece in it was цшер a big bubble.

But the result was a mini awl / core . It is firmly fixed in a hand and I’ll see later whether comfortable to use.




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