DIY Police style bike horn

Hi. Today I want to introduce another interesting gadget. I’ll start with the fact that I go to work by bike, my way is through a park where a lot of people. So I have long pondered loud bicycle bell. Wandering through the Internet on the resource i found a scheme of the car police style siren. I really liked it and I decided to make it for myself .



Scheme is without any changes  of its original I’ve added just step-up transformer for that I took from Chinese buzzer keychain.



After the bewitchment in the program EAGLE got this board:



I then developed a 3D model of of the case in the program Rhinoceros 3D



Further detail was processed in the program Mach 3 and miled from PVC using the DIY CNC from my article


The body was in some places polished and painted.



The photo a set bell before compiling, fixture is taken from an old Chinese bell, but you can use the holder polypropylene tubes with a diameter of 20 from store building materials.


The set of bell for installation on the bike, I put the batteries in the bag which catches under saddle.



mounted device

And as always, the video of work:

Project files in EAGLE and 3D model of of the case


bike buzzer


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  1. quang phan says:

    Can you please give me its firmware file? My email .thank!

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