DIY Breakout Board FT232RL from sparkfun

One day ordering parts for ongoing projects I ordered a chip FT232RL planning to make USB to UART adapter.


It has been a while and watching my “strategic reserve” electronic things I remembered abot her. I just had to order stencil film for exposure resist and therefore there on A4 film remained vacant places, time was short and so I decided to search complete solutions of board for FT232RL. In Internet was found a couple of amateur circuit that can download, but the soul liked picture from Sparkfun I thought to sit down and draw a board like it, but clicking on the link Found for Eagle project which could be downloaded. Downloading I edited it on a existing element base 0805 and changed package of tantalum capacitor.

I made a board by my own technology

Went out the next device






Video of work process

Red led indicates RX, green TX.

You can order original board here Breakout Board for FT232RL USB to Serial

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