STM32DIP40 mini development board

A year ago bought a Discovery VL it is very interesting thing and does not cost so much.
But it is not very convenient to use it in “Breadboard” as it has a number of medium contacts that prevent paste it into Breadboard.

So people sometimes doingl so.

But I do not like this variant it is quite bulky and also so many pins as in TFQP64 are not always needed.

So I designed my own Discovery mini))))




Made by this technologies

Built on on the controller STM32F100C8T6B TQFP48 on board is the: Linear stabilizer, 8MHz quartz, 32kHz quartz, a status LED. External contacts are formed in a position DIP40 which is very convenient for the breadboards.


Pins description



Mini board programing with big Discovery thru SWD port.




Finally a video of  Blinker a status LED.

Progect in EAGLE and *.hex Blinker


STM32DIP pdf


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