LED pocket watch on AVR

On a site was found http://www.frank-zhao.com interesting project homemade pocket watches on controller ATmega165PA wich operate 132 LEDs.

This watch has 12 LEDs to indicate hours, 60 LEDs for minutes   and 60 LEDs for seconds. LEDs are arranged in three circles. At the top there is a button to activate the clock from the back side there is a button to switch modes and settings clock.

The clock is equipped with lithium battery and recharged by micro USB connector. Working hours of charged battery depends on the usage of clock if not turn indication, of battery charge will last for several months. There is indication of a low battery level. The clock has a buzzer and vibromotor used for alarm functions, as well as a sound “Tick” every second when the clock is active. Device mounted on a printed circuit board and closed on both sides of the plexiglass panels carved on a laser plotter.

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  1. maurizio collinassi says:

    Complimenti, davvero bello, molto originale, GRANDE!!!

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