2P3S Battery for QCX

Hi to everybody. I decided to make a small battery for to  power QCX QRP transceiver in field conditions.

Battery 2P3S 18650
by diygoodies
on Sketchfab

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Developed a 3D model with the calculations that the frame of the battery will be made with 3mm. PVC

Drawing of templates in PDF 2P3S Battery and Corel Draw 2P3S Battery

BMS pcb for 3 cells and 20A current bought here https://s.click.aliexpress.com/e/b5mbwpB6

Well, and a photos of step-by-step addition:




With the help of the laboratory power supply, the battery was charged with a current of 300mA.

The XT60 connector is soldered and all battery wrapped with an insulating tape.

And that’s all, I am waiting for a field day.


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