Building QCX 20 form kit

Hello everyone! Finally, I have time to build QCX

Push “More” for details.

I will remind everyone that somewhere six months ago bought a set of QCX 20m.

Assembling will be made according to the following documents.


Instruction with detailed step-by-step assembly drawing
On the board gradually according to the instruction we solde the elements








Everything is collected without any difficulty, the parts are easily inserted into the corresponding holes. All soldering is very easy I used a soldering iron 25W.

For safe debugging and subsequent use, you need to make a QRP 50 Ohm. dummy load.

Made of six SMD resistors (2512) of 300 ohms ± 5% and assembled in a BNC connector case.

Adjustments are made according to the instructions and are shown in this video step by step.

My videos

To be continued….


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