“Weekend project” antenna

Decided to try to build a vertical antenna. Today we are building a transformer for the vertical antenna.

Push more for details.

Based on the design of the antenna of the day off.

There are also developments of foreign colleagues.


Purchased ferrite rings.

Made a transformer frame 3d model.

According to the 3D model, cut patterns made of copper foil and 1.5mm glass fiber.

It should be noted that the diameter of the tubes should be a couple of mm. less than the inner diameter of the ferrite ring. This is required for that when transformer is heated and expanded, gup to prevent tubes crush rings.

Winding made according to the scheme.

The winding is made by a fluoroplast wire to prevent the fading of insulation in the event of heating of the transformer.

Mounted in the case with a connector and bolts with rags.

as a vertical connect 7 m 16 cm enameled wire. Wire threw on a tree.

Test SWR on all bands.

Made a QSO FT8 on it.

Thanks for attention.

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