SW2016 mini adding CAT support

Hello everyone today I will add a CAT support to my SW2016 mini.

More info below.

CAT interface allow to change frequency, bands, push PTT using PC. This is very usefull.

Modifications is all around sinteser SW2016 mini you need to add USB-UART adapter based on FT232RL. You can buy it ebay.

I have changed connector on microUSB. Made front panel and incert LEDs in it.

Schematics of connecting USB-UART to SW2016 match with full version of SW2016.

As for function CAT in MCU Atmega32 is not enough flash memory, you need to change it on Atmega644-PA. And upload in it firmware with CAT support.

To replase microcontroller Atmega32 I cutted out its pins, thats is for to keep LCD undamaged in case of overheated while desoldering with airgun.

By the way I changed LC7808 linear voltage regulator to lowdrop LM2940T 8,0 it alllowsto work on battaries with voltage under 10V as 3S litium-ion battary this is very usefull due light weight to work outdoors.

Assembling in case.

Video of work in MixW software

MixW In recieve mode

MixW In transmite mode.

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