6: 1 Balun and tuned Windom antenna

Hi everyone. After several connections, I realized that something is wrong with the antenna and it need to be adjusted. As I described below.

As you notised in the previous article I was made balun 4: 1 and the antenna Windom.

It seems to have worked but not in all bands and not with the specified SWR.

I had to go back to the calculations.

As shown by the MMANAGAL calculation antenna made of copper wire, the antenna has a resistance in the region of about 150 ohms so it needs a 3: 1 balun with 150 ohms to 50 ohms.

And if from a steel wire the resistance becomes in the region of 300 ohms and here it is necessary to made balun 6: 1.

This is precisely my version as I use steel galvanized wire.

Therefore, I made my balun according to the following scheme.

We place the antenna on mast and launch the SWR test on all ranges.

Ha! You see and everything is as like it needed.

Confirmation is the results of work in JT65 and tracking by PSKreporter.

South Africa


Well, and again, Spaniards.

Thank you so much.

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