Pixie CW QRP tranciever

Hello. Today, talk about my transceiver Pixie CW QRP.

I bought it in ebay for about $ 3 . Pexie is a CW-telegraph (Morse code), QRP-power less than5W . Power of Pixie as promised should be about 1.2W actually on real tests gives 0,6W but with such power you can make QSO from the European part of Russia to Italy.

Pixie comes as a kit.


Board builds for several hours.

In the left jack inserts a telegraph key in the right headphone connector. Connect antenna and power supply of 12 volts and you can operate.

The body is made by analogy with the case for Raspberry PI from  adafruit I just scale it.


Case in 3D.


The original Pixie scheme looks like this

Everything is good but when you press a key there is no tone for no self-control. It looks as follows.


So I decided to add the tone generator when you press key you hear a beep sound

The scheme began to look like this


On board is a fixed frequency quartz 7.023 MHz to switch to another frequency I added switch and connector for external quartz


File patterns of casing in CorelDraw  pixie-3mm-acrilS-WAMING-User-ManualPixie-3mm-acril

File of instructions for latest Pixie with tips and recomended antennas s-waming-user-manual

That it was all about this, and now interesting videos from the internet about it




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