Dipole antenna for radio Baofeng UV5R

A few months ago received permission to use the radio and call sign. From today in my blog will appear threads dedicated to radio communications. Today will tell you about dipole antenna for radio Baofeng UV5R.


For amateurs allocated multiple frequency bands. In my town 144,000,000 – 146,000,000 MHz is the most lively and it is available for UV5R for it we will make dipole.

Dipole is the simplest types of antennas. Roughly calculate the size by using online calculator or more precisely by using a specialized program  MMANA-GAL.

The material that I chose for the antenna is tube of bicycle brake cable.


In general, antenna better use of copper and aluminum, but we are making antenna from cheap materials 60cm tube price about 8uah. It is very flexible, so the antenna can be folded into a backpack. In the tube are several metal wires twisted in a shield.


Cleaning edges and solder them using solder acid. Attach them to mount made from PCB.


Fasten with ties. Solder a coaxial cable 50 Om. 5 meters from the SMA connector on the end.



The gap between the “mustache dipole 20mm, width of mustaches is according 473mm by calculations.

The antenna is adjusted to the resonance frequency using SWR meter. I borrowed from a friend. In reality, the length of each element out 465мм, i mean measure must be progressively SWR mesure and trim elements. Ideal value of SWR =1; in my case SWR =1,5; which also is good.




The antenna is the vertical polarization, fixed on a window balcony. For as my communication antenna located on the 4th floor of 5 storey building, local amateur radio antennas are usually located on the roof storey 5 or 9, and so such data of placement they quality hear me at a distance of 3.5 km and is actually quite mirorred signal from my neighboring buildings, because the line of sight there are no radio amateurs . That’s all Thank you.

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