ESP8266 ESP-01 development board

Hello everyone. I’ve just made a  development board for WIFI module ESP8266 in ESP-01 variant.




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It works in a pair with  FT232r from sparkfun board.


2015-08-21 19.24.41

I’ve just add a second row of pins, and connect USB 5v to power pin for WIFI module voltage supply.
I made it similar to this project esp-01-esp-03-breakout

My schematics:

Wifi sch

Board is made of single-layer PCB with 2 wires on top.

2015-08-21 13.43.42


On board are two buttons top “SW2” “Program” Activate programming mode, the lower “SW2” “Reset”. So to switch to programming mode you must press the upper “Program” and hold it then press the bottom “Reset”, and then release the top “Program”.

Bottom side.

2015-08-21 13.42.17


Project files in Altium and  PDF of PCB.




That’s it goodbye.


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