Monthly Archiv: January, 2013

Nebulophone мікроконтролерний синтезатор з шаленим звуком

Судячі з відео  Nebulophone один з кращих звукових  DIY(саморобних) синтезаторів з тих які я взагалі бачив. Особливо коли ти зважаєшь на простоту конструкції . Вона містить AVR и операційний підсилювач. The rest of the parts are just a few handfuls of inexpensive components.


CNC machine carves piece of PVC

And now it is a significant day, CNC machine comrade. Beehiwe involved in the whirlpool a busy amateur life.

First thing for testof  CNC was building coil for homemade model metal detector Quasar. Construction of metal detector can be found on the author’s website

The material for the body coil was chosen foamed sheet pvc plastik 3mm thickness. Easy material pliant white which  sold in stores that sell materials for advertising makers, simply cuted with paper knife and glued . Since it was glued in a sandwich  thickness 9mm machine had to mill body of coil.

And now photos))))