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Electronic candle on AVR

This story begins on the eve of the last new year. Sister asked me to make a fairylight for their New Year costume of firefly. Light should look fabulous and unusual. At the attic long was lying an old lamp which had been fitted with paraffin candle. Variant with a real candle was rejected immediately because of its flammability and in head immediately appeared idea to show engineering ingenuity.


Cheap radio channel for AVR

Good day. I recently wondered to organize radio communications between microcontrollers AVR. The budget was very limited, and therefore as a controller for the test i selected two Atmega8 which have  long idle lying . When i start search of experimental transceiver I was unpleasantly surprised by the prices of  radio modules, so on that money that I expected in Ukraine could only buy a “pair receiver – transmitter board” at 433 MHz  . But I wanted a full duplex link so I started looking in an Internet suitable option. It was a 2.4 GHz radio module. NRF24L01 drew the attention certainly of its price.

In the basic version without amplifier and the antenna on the printed circuit board. At the time of this writing a article couple of these modules on ebay can be bought for $ 3.23